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Becoming a Patient

Becoming a Patient at Peterson Chiropractic Clinic

So you’re interested in becoming a patient - that’s wonderful! To start the process, all you have to do is call our clinic at (715) 568-1251 and set up a time with Debbie or Ann. They will be happy to assist you in finding the best time to schedule your first appointment.

First Visit

Your visit to our clinic will begin with signing in and then our staff will provide you with paperwork that will help the doctors better understand your problem. You will be given a confidential patient history form for your review. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you will be given an automobile accident history form.

Patient Fills Out Form

When your paperwork is complete, Debbie or Ann will bring you back to the Doctor’s office for a consultation. You will be able to share your problems with the Doctor and ask questions that you want at this time. The Doctor will ask you some specific questions and give you a brief review of his expectations for your initial evaluation.

Dr. Peterson Consults With Pateint

You will then be escorted to the exam room where the Doctor will order and perform various tests, which are based on your case history. These evaluations may include postural analysis, and range of motion. The Doctor will also use appropriate orthopedic and neurological tests, and he will palpate (feel for tender spots) your neck and back.

Dr./ Peterson Examines Patient

You will next have 3 precision cervical X-rays taken of your neck, as well as other views of your spine, if necessary.

Dr. Peterson X-rays a Patient

Following the consultation, examination and x-rays, you will be asked to set up an appointment for the earliest date possible. We suggest that you bring a family member or friend with you on your next visit. Your doctor would like someone to accompany you while your test results are reviewed.

Ours is a teamwork approach. Both Dr. Timothy Peterson and Dr. Ronald Peterson will review all of your examination and x-ray findings. Together, they will determine the best treatment plan for you. In this way, you get the best of both Doctors.

Dr. Tim and Dr. Ron Review Exam Findings

Second Visit

On your second visit, Dr. Peterson will review your examination and X-ray findings. The doctor will explain your spinal misalignment and how it causes body imbalance, nerve interference and how this may be affecting your health. Any questions that you have will be addressed, and the Doctor’s initial expectations will be given as well. Once all your questions have been answered and all of your findings have been covered, you will then walk down the hall and into one of our adjusting rooms.

Dr. Peterson Gives Report to Patient

Before you are adjusted, your Doctor will explain how the adjustment works and what it will feel like (very delicate pressure). Because he uses the Grostic Procedure, your neck will never be twisted and manipulated.

Dr. Peterson Adjusts Patient

The Doctors will focus on re-aligning the atlas vertebra and to restore body balance on this visit. Once your Doctor determines that the adjustment was successful, you will be brought back to the X-ray room and one or two post-adjustment x-rays will be taken. These follow-up x-ray films will be analyzed and compared to your original, pre-adjustment X-rays. This will tell your Doctor if the adjustment was right on target, or if the adjustment needs to be changed in any way.

Other Visits

On subsequent visits, your doctor will determine whether you are in need of a specific upper neck adjustment. He will determine this by using a specific body balance test, temperature graph reading, postural checks and palpation(feeling) of your spine. If you are out of alignment, he will adjust your atlas vertebra. If you are not out of alignment, he may or may not provide an adjustment to other regions of your spine. If lower spine adjustments are used, they will also be very gentle.

Dr. Peterson Re-evaluates Patient

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