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Precision Upper Cervical Chiropractic care has helped many people get well. The following letters have been written by patients at the Peterson Chiropractic Clinic:

Since Addison was born we had been dealing with a feeling something was not right. Addison always had a "rattle" when she breathed. It sounded like she had a cold but never had any other symptoms. She was not gaining weight and was loosing ground on the growth charts. I took her to our family doctor, a pediatrician, and a pediatric allergist. I was told that it was "normal". I finally went to a doctor for Addison's nine month check-up who trusted my intuition and explored the "rattle"

As it turned out, Addison aspirated (fluid went into her lungs) when she drank. She was immediately put on a feeding tube and the battery of tests began. She had X-rays, an MRI and a scope of her throat. All tests confirmed that she did not have any anatomical reason for aspiration. They sent us home with the feeding tube and scheduled us in one month to have a permanent tube put directly into her stomach until she "learned" to swallow properly.

At this point we were referred to Dr. Tim Peterson. Our friends talked to him about our daughter and he felt he could help her. We took her to see him three days a week for one month. He made no promises to us but felt that we would see an improvement after that month. One month later we packed our bags for our trip to Children's Hospital and hoped they would see improvement.

They did!! She no longer aspirated!! We met with the Doctor (who was a little surprised by the progress) and he sent us home to live tube free. We had to keep an ear out for the "rattle" and would follow up in six months.

We continued our treatments with Dr. Tim and Addison began to thrive. She gained weight and sounded healthy for the first time in 10 months. Since the help Dr. Tim gave Addison both my husband and I have begun treatments. I feel better than I have in years. I have battled headaches and had just accepted them as normal. I no longer have headaches. Addison tested after her six months and again passed the test.

Tom & Theresa Dean

I came in to see Dr. Ron about four weeks ago. For the last fifteen years I've had low back pain. It was worse in the morning and evening. It even went into my legs at times. I also have had headaches and neck pain for many years. It affected my reading because it hurt to look down and I had to take breaks very two minutes. The neck pain would often travel into my shoulders. Lately, I've also had difficulty sleeping and have been tired a lot. I also have occasional stomach pains. These problems seemed to start years ago from football injuries which was aggravated by lifting weights.

Since adjustments began, I'm sleeping better and I have more energy. I can read a long time now without pain and I don't wake up being stiff any more. I hardly ever have neck or low back pain. Even my stomach cramps are much better.

I like coming to Dr. Ron as he's a very good Doctor and all the staff are very friendly!

Brother Joseph

How wonderful to feel great!!!

I have had pain in my shoulder and numb hands for about 10 years. I have had to sleep only on my right side almost that long. I would wake up several times a night and have to get up and swing my arms until they would "wake up". I am a seamstress and when I sewed anything by hand my fingers would go numb in about five minutes. Also I love to bowl and bowl in a league. By the second game my fingers would be so swollen I couldn't get my fingers out of the ball. I went to several doctors and they gave me muscle relaxants and pain pills. I went to a chiropractor and had many treatments. I was told to get carpal tunnel surgery. I am not a fan of that kind of surgery. Many of my friends and relatives have had it and it worked for some and not for some. It seemed it worked for a few years and then it came back again.

My daughter is a medical typist and she started to get the same symptoms as me. She tried medication and massage treatments and it would help for a little bit but nothing lasted. A co-worker of hers was having similar problems and suggested we try Drs. Ron or Tim Peterson. We decided we had nothing to lose, so we set up an appointment.

I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that we came to them. It's almost like a miracle!!! After the first week I no longer had numbness in my fingers at night. I can sew for hours and my fingers don't go numb. My hands do not swell anymore when I bowl and I am much more supple. (I actually raised my bowling average and that's pretty good for a 63 year old!!) The biggest plus is I no longer have to sleep only on my right side. No more pain!!!

Every winter I would have a cold or the flu that lasted for weeks. This winter I haven't had even a sniffle. I think my sinus problems are much better, too. Another plus is that I think my hearing is improved. I didn't notice it at first. My daughter and sister noticed it when we were in the car and I could hear them from the back seat!!! My husband has a hearing aid and I always had to tell him to turn up the TV. Now I tell him to turn it down. I still have some ringing in my ear but I think it is lessening.

Thank you so much Dr. Tim and Dr. Ron. I feel I have my life back!!!

God bless you both.


Marjorie Rice

I am 82 years old. I had pain in my hip and backaches for 7 years. I had to use a cane to get around for about five years. I also had a cough most of my life, but I didn't know why. I had surgery three years ago and afterwards I had swelling in my legs which lasted all this time.

Now, since seeing Dr. Ron Peterson, I'm feeling so much better, with a lot less pain. I'm walking without a cane, my cough is gone and the swelling in my legs is down some.

I'm very thankful to my daughters for recommending me to see Dr. Peterson.


Evelyn Meinen


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