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Meet Dr. Ronald Peterson

Dr. Ronald Peterson

Dr. Ronald D. Peterson, B.S., D.C. was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Dr. Ronald D. Peterson At age twelve his family moved to Bloomer as his father started a business in Bloomer. In seventh and eighth grade Dr. Ron enjoyed student government and was voted class president in his eighth grade school year. That same year he received the class leadership award.

In high school Dr. Ron's interests were again, student government. He was elected into student council all four years of high school. He also enjoyed band in high school. In his senior year he was elected band president. Later that year he received the John Phillip Souza Award, for excellence in academics, band and leadership.

It was in his senior year of high school that he discovered the benefits of Chiropractic care. He was involved in a serious sport injury leaving him with severe neck, upper back and chest pain, sometimes lasting for days, forcing him to miss school. His parents sought medical treatment from two separate prestigious clinics, one in Eau Claire and one in Marshfield. Medical treatment rendered no relief. He then went to a Chiropractor. After receiving Chiropractic adjustments he was able to resume his senior year, pain free. This incredible result was what caused him to become a Chiropractor, so he could help others just as he had been helped.

Dr. Ron received his Bachelor's Degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University. His Doctorate of Chiropractic training was at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He graduated Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors) in 1983. He was inducted into the prestigious Pi Tau Delta Honor Society during his final year at Palmer College.

In 1984 he joined his brother Dr. Timothy J. Peterson in practice on Main Street in Bloomer, only to move later that year into their freestanding building on Highway SS just outside of Bloomer.

Since graduating from Palmer College, Dr. Ron has done extensive post graduate training in x-ray, Grostic and Chiromanis adjusting techniques, and is a member in good standing with the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association. Certified in nutrition counseling and Enzyme Therapy, Dr. Peterson also uses an innovative nutritional approach to improve health.

He believes a positive, optimistic attitude goes a long way in making life more enjoyable, and he applies this attitude to every day of his life. He believes Grostic Chiropractic Care can help thousands of people who suffer needlessly and he dedicates his life to treating his patients, and to giving them the best quality of life he can.

"This is what is so rewarding," he said, "To see people get well without the use and side effects of drugs and surgery; I just can't wait every day to get to our Clinic in the morning, and start seeing patients to help them get well again. That is what drives me to constantly strive to gain all the knowledge and experience I can, so I can help my patients get well!"

Dr. Ron's greatest interest outside of his practice is spending time with his family. His wife Jackie teaches school in Bloomer. She loves family, to travel up to Lake Superior and dogs. Dr. Ron, his wife and their two children reside in Bloomer.


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