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Providing Precision Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care to Wisconsin and Minnesota for over 30 years

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West-central Wisconsin chiropractors Dr. Timothy and Dr. Ronald Peterson in Bloomer, WI are specialized in providing Precision Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care (UPC). This is a type of chiropractic care that makes adjustments to the atlas vertebra and the axis vertebra in the upper part of your neck to help you achieve better health. In addition to specializing in upper cervical chiropractic methods, they are also experienced in adjusting the entire spine, as well as the hands, arms, legs, feet and the rest of the body. They look beyond symptoms to find the cause of problems in your body. They believe in natural, gentle methods to get you well quickly without the use of medications.

These two upper cervical chiropractors have been treating patients of all ages in Wisconsin and Minnesota for more than 30 years. They have treated patients from ages four-days old to ninety-seven years old. Their patients come from all over Wisconsin, and the Eastern Minnesota area. They treat patients from such areas as Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Rice Lake, Black River Falls, Chetek, Cornell, LaCrosse, Ladysmith, Madison, Tomah, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Mondovi, Osseo, Marshfield, Fairchild, Superior, Wausau, and many other cities and towns.

The specific method in which Doctors Timothy and Ronald are both trained is called the Grostic Procedure. This is a type of upper cervical chiropractic treatment. The Doctors use this Grostic Technique to make gentle, precise adjustments to correct misalignments of the head and neck. They also make gentle adjustments to other parts of the spine and body as well.

Whether you live in the Chippewa Valley area around Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie or Rice Lake; or as far away as Madison, Milwaukee, or St. Paul, Minnesota, call the Doctor at 715-568-1251, or contact Dr. Peterson. Find out if he can help your pain or condition.

Peterson Chiropractic Clinic has helped patients with various problems, such as:

  • Arm and Shoulder Pain
  • Numbness in arms or hands
  • Back Pain
  • Sciatic Pain/ Leg Pain and Numbness
  • Hip Pain
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Neck Pain
  • TMJ Problems (Jaw Pain)
  • and many other health problems...
If you are suffering from PAIN or health problems why wait any longer! Get help now! Call Dr. Peterson today at: 715-568-1251


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